Personalised Commemorative Plaques
& Pet Treasures worth remembering.
Treasure your pet's image in mosaic.
The stained glass cat below and dog at the top of the website is a Gold Portrait Package with  rich color detail and depth in the features. Choose from 12" interior (£89) or exterior (£95) grade (unframed).

The Silver Portrait Package is a special way to portray a pet, available in 12" stepping stone or square plaque, £48 (unframed,
stone size/price may vary)
Here is the finished piece


 Commemorative Plaques 
I handcrafted a series of garden plaques for a lady who wanted to remember her father, a keen gardener. His pottery is used in a new way as a garden treasure. Guide prices: 8"sq.£25~ 10"sq.£35~ 12"sq.£48~