I studied in graphic design, but arts and crafts have always been important since childhood. I'm drawn to many senses, from texture, light, all the way to scents and the effects of aromatherapy.  I love to work with many materials like stained glass, pottery, cloth, leather, or sea washed glass collected from the Cumbrian Coast. I developed mixed media mosaic techniques not practiced everywhere, and I love to experiment and re-purpose!  Mosaics are being rediscovered and reinvented. They can be awe inspiring with such richness and textural elements inspired by jewels or nature, for example. They can be formal - or informal and organic. On another level they can have a graphic, chunky - and funky feel.

I love teaching a wide mix of crafts including mosaics, wet felting, printing, tie die, batik, soap making and bath bombs. What is most inspiring is that art has a way of making you feel better, like a good cup of tea. Watching budding artists develop - at any age - is the best part about working with individuals and groups like the Scouts, community organisations and schools. Learn from a qualified Tutor with enhanced DBS certification.

Mixed Media Mosaics


Mosaics using Stained Glass

Art cards