Monday, 10 September 2012

Darnhill 'Gold' Festival Sensory Garden Mosaic

Well the mosaics are settling in nicely in this wonderful community garden. Celebrating 50 golden years, the Darnhill Festival Association did really well this year to make a mosaic - as well as - costumes and decorations for the event! Loads of pictures on Darnhill's facebook page. There were 16 panels to do (:0). We started well before the Festival so that everyone had time to get to grips with this new medium (see works in progress on Chrissy Webster Mosaics FB page). They were used to most other crafts, but this was a first, and they did really well! I love this job - someone's gotta do it! We also managed to add some credits from the organisations and businesses supporting the project, which is always useful...They included Cartwheel Arts, the National Lottery, Community Payback, 4 Seasons Garden Maintenance, and Lawn Treatments Ltd. Kerry from Cartwheel Arts was really great at helping organise everything - Well done you! And I learned that the local term for adhesive paste is yackum! You learn something every day (or so they say!)

 Gold Festival videos! Pop over and have a look
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