Friday, 21 October 2011

Some Ideas for the Mosaic Pendant and Picture Frame Classes Coming up

Its a Mixed media extravaganza! The charms are soooo cuuute. You can make one as well, have a look at the Classes & Parties page. There are also some adult student pics amongst these. The stained glass is used by adults, and children can use the tiles, charms and beads. Some elements, such as beads etc. in these pics may be rarities or handmade, and so styles may vary on the day. You can paint the frames or wood pendants first, then glue or grout the mosaics on. There's a variety of necklace cord and ribbon to choose from, or make a keychain.

 Family Mosaic Session ideas

Finished examples above ~ wonderful works in progress below

A very eclectic mix indeed for a picture frame!
Picture frames can be painted or fully tiled along 

the sides as well.

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